The papers presented at the conference Our Common Present are regularly published in peer reviewd journals and books. The topic of these publications is human-environment relationship from the view of various social sciences and humanities.

New book, edited by Zdenka Sokolíčková, as follow up of 2018 conference is in press and can be found in Czech publications.

Some of the papers presented at 2015 conference were published as standard peer-review papers in 2015 in The Journal Of Culture 4 (2). English paper by Thomas H. Eriksen is available here, for the other Czech papers see Contents and Czech publications.

Czech collective monograph, follow-up of the 2014 conference, titled Economy in Context, was published in September 2015. English summary is here, all chapter in low resolution here. Hardcopy and e-book can be bought in Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague e-shop.

English collective monograph Current challenges of Central Europe: Society and Environment (follow-up of the 2013 conference) was published. The hardcopy can be bought in the FA CU e-shop. Lower resolution separate chapters can be downloaded here. Full resolution e-book can be also pruchased in the FA CU e-shop.

Second monothematic issue of Acta Universitatis Carolinae – Philosophica et Historica 2/2013 – Studia Sociologica XIX – Our Common Present II following the conference in 2011 was published in 2014. The issue is written in Czech, with English summaries available here. All articles can be downloaded here or bought as a hardcopy in the FA CU  e-shop.

Two publications were published as follow-up of 2012 conference. English monothematic issue of Journal of Landscape Ecology 5 (2) is available here. You can order Czech collective monograph Changing society? in th FA CU e-shop, or download brief English summary or abstracts of the chapters.

First year of conference was followed by monothematic issue of Acta Universitatis Carolinae – Philosophica et Historica 1/2009 – Studia Sociologica XIV – Our Common Present I. English summaries of the Czech papers are here. Hardcopy of Czech issue can be bought in the FA CU e-shop.

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