Our Common Present 2015

Fifth year of interdisciplinary conference Our Common Present, subtitled Different Cultures, One Nature was be held on March 23.-24., 2015 at University Hradec Králové. The conference was co-organised by University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice and Environment Center Charles University in Prague.

In the first day of the conference, 8 speakers ahd their speeches in Czech language.Second day was dedicated to only two keynote speakers: Norwegian social anthropologist Thomas H. Eriksen (English lecture simultaneously translated into Czech) and Czech sociologist and philosopher Václav Bělohradský. The pictures from the conference can be found here. There is also a Youtube channel with the conference presentations.

Paper written by Thomas H. Eriksen was published in 2015 in The Journal  Of Culture 4 (2), available here.

More information about the conference in Czech.


Photos by Jakub Žárský.


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