Current Challenges of Central Europe: Society and Environment

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Editors’ introduction

MIKULÁŠ HUBA: Introduction to Central Europe: What Does it Mean in the 21st Century?

MILOSLAV LAPKA, JAN VÁVRA, EVA CUDLÍNOVÁ: What Are the Challenges of Central Europe?

ZDENKA SOKOLÍČKOVÁ: Transcultural Communication in the Central European Region: Freedom, Equality and Ties with the Natural Environment

ANDREW BARTON, JANA DLOUHÁ: Examining the Transition Toward Sustainability in Higher Education in Central Europe

ANNA KALINOWSKA: Biodiversity Loss and Public Opinion: What Is the Situation in Central Europe?

BARBORA DUŽÍ, ATTILA TÓTH, MÁRIA BIHUŇOVÁ, ROBERT STOJANOV: Challenges of Urban Agriculture: Highlights on the Czech and Slovak Republic Specifics

JAN VÁVRA, EVA CUDLÍNOVÁ, MILOSLAV LAPKA: Green Growth from the Viewpoint of the Czech Republic

KATARÍNA ZUNTYCHOVÁ: Complementary Currencies: The Hungarian Example

TIBOR LÁSZLÓ CSEGŐDI: Some Additions to Sustainable Development in the Visegrad Countries, Especially in Hungary

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